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G. Lindholm
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Hey guys. I have a Valentine's day mini coming out. It's a story that'll go up starting on the 4th, and ending on the 14th. I'll put it up on the store soon, and I'll make a status update when I do.

I've restructured my Patreon in such a way that if you want to obtain a monthly minicomic, there is a $4 (shipping included) tier to get it mailed. These will be available via Patreon before anywhere else. Additionally, for $1 a month, you can read them digitally a month early. This Valentine's one is not a month early, but the next one will be, and so on. I'm shooting for a monthly output of 8-12 pages of new Luna comics. 

The Valentine's issue has a new six page story (it' already up for the $1 tier), and redrawn versions of all the old Valentine's stuff. The colors on the cards are not how I intended them, with some obvious, albeit minor mistakes. The monitor I'm working on doesn't seem to display everything the way it turns out in print, so I'll have to heed that from now on.

Anyway, $4 is about one trip to a shitty drive-thru restaurant you'd regret, or a single over-priced coffee, so maybe consider donating?

And if not, it'll be up later, thanks for reading.
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2 Baroque Girls (1/8)
This'll be going up twice a week for the next four. There's a good chance you've already read this one, if you bought the first issue when it came out.
Maperu-chan thinks everything is kawaii as shit
I redrew Luna as an anime demon, so now I redrew Maple, also. Way overdoing the textures on these.

I was going to paste one of those DO NOT USE stamps a million times, but couldn't get it to copy.
Luna-chan's sugoi day
A long time ago I drew a stupid episode of Luna where it was anime, and I always wanted to go back and do a whole story, anime style. I think that's going to happen pretty soon, in one of the mini-comics, because I have a pretty funny idea. I am in the mood to do something different. It is sure to make no sense, because I haven't seen an anime voluntarily in quite a while. Of course, it'd probably make no sense anyway.


Here's the original page:…
Unused idea
This is something I thought of a little while ago. Then I saw another comic do the same joke. It was one of those single-panel newspaper comics. That's the danger of a joke like this, it is universally occurable. That's not a real word. Anyway, I decided not to finish it up, but posting the sketch here anyway. This is what most of my sketches look like.


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